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Stadd Pro Professional Course in GOA is made for CAD Experts you want to excel further. Here are the list of Complete Syllabus , one has to complete to get the certification.
    Staad Pro Course Syllabus Margao, Goa India
  • Creating Models, Structures, Graphical Interface,
  • Steel Designing
  • How to Specify Member Properties
  • How to Specify Material Constants
  • How to Specify Supports
  • How to Specify Loads
  • How to Specify Analysis Type
  • Annotating the Displacements
  • Creating Models of a Reinforced 
  • Concrete Framed Structure
  • Modeling and Analysis of a Slab
  • Interoperability Feature
  • Interactive Design Information 
  • Creating Models Using Graphical Interface 
  • Performing Analysis and Designing 
  • Viewing Results Using the Output File  
  • Viewing Post Post -Processing 
  • Strees Contours 
  • Specifying  Post-Analysis Print Commands
  • Producing on Onscreen Report
  • Viewing Supports Reactions

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