RCC Structure Design Consultant Fees Calculation in Goa

R.C.C Structure Design fees in Goa differs from consultant to consultant. Fees of structural detail varies depends on the Following criterion. 

RCC Stucture design Consultant Fees Goa India
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Structural Design details drawings by a registered consultant is given after
  1. Oral or visual understanding based on sizes and span without any calculations or using any software. Fees of this consultants is minimum and may start with 100 rs per square meter or less than that, or may be a lump sum amount based on project.Here the safety risk is more to the client or occupant.It may even lead to over reinforcement of the building thus increasing the construction cost of project.
  2. R.C.C Structural design done Manually with mathematical calculations.This is a very old method in design and still in use. Steel given may be more or less as to avoid some calculation and to save time assumptions are made with loading and sizes of beams and columns .
  3. Design of R.C.C using software and verifying it with manual calculations is the latest design method in practice. R.C.C steel given here is very much perfect and as required.Since software is used all calculations are done instantly and result got is best from others .There is no need to assume or skip any calculations as software does all this part of calculating steel bars in concrete quickly. Fees of this consultant will be maximum as compared to other two .Since he should have good knowledge about using the software's and manual calculations for verifying it.This is most safe design and cost expenses is very reasonable.

Standard R.C.C fees in Goa is 2% of the total project cost.

RCC Structure Design Consultant Fees Example:

If a project is consist of ground plus first floor(G+1) bungalow, and the total area of around 250 square meter and total construction cost of 20000/- per square meter.
Total project cost will come around 50 lakhs then the R.C.C consultant fees will be 1 lakh.

R.C.C structural Design detail drawing includes

  1. Design of slabs
  2. Design of beams
  3. Design of columns
  4. Design of stairs
  5. Design of footings

and signed by a registered R.C.C consultant.

Additional each visit charges will be 3000/-rs if any site visits are required.

RCC Structure Design Fees of Approval Plan 

Standard charges of Approval plan is 3% of the total estimated project cost.

Example for Fees on RCC Structure Design Approval Plan

If the total project cost comes to 50 lakh considering 250 square meter of construction area and 20000/-per meter construction rate than the charges of approval plan duly signed by a registered Architecture or a registered Civil engineer will be 1.5 lakh.

The approval plan includes
  1. Ground plan layout
  2. first floor plan layout
  3. Roof plan
  4. Section plan
  5. Site plan
  6. location plan
  7. Schedule statement and area statement
  8. and signature with stamp by a registered architecture or engineer.