Interior Design Course Syllabus and Project Overview in Goa

Who can Join the Interior Design Course to be a Interior Designer ?

Well in India One can start learning Interior Design Course like Diploma in Interior Design, from a reputed Institute Like the CAD CAM CENTRE in Goa , just after Completing the Plus 2 (+2 ) or Twelth Class.  See the Syllabus here at

Once the Diploma is Completed and the Student gets the Certificate, they can Further Apply and Learn More Advanced Post Graduate Interior Design Courses in Govrnment Colleges , Affiliated Institutes.

The Complete Diploma in Interior Design Course Syllabus is here .

The Students in CAD CAM Centre Goa go through a Year long Theory and Practical Training's , as per the Syllabus and Emerged as one of the Best Qualified Interior Designers in Goa, India.

Interior Design Projects Scope: 

The Interior Design Projects can be taken from many civil Designing Areas like Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Residential Plots etc.

Once you Complete the Diploma in Interior Design, We highly recomend you to get an License. After that You can take small Interior Design Projects in your Area, like Local Shops, Offices and Residential Appartments and gain more practical Knowledge out of it .

This Step is needed to enhance your Creative Skills. You may take the help of a Mentor / Guidance from your Senior or teacher to learn the Practical tricks on-site.

Later on You can do the Freelancing Job or Join leading Interior Designing Companies and progresively increase your Client List and make a Good Portfolio for your Future Assignments as an Good Interior Designer.

Goa Interior Design Consultant
Interior Designer Projects by CAD CAM Centre Goa

Now you can Register Online here , to get a Diploma in Interior Design (DID) . The Eligibility Required is that you must have completed 10+2 (12th). 

The Interior Designs are Made for :

  1. Office
  2. Resident 
  3. Commercial / Shop
  4. Hotel Rooms
  5. Salon / SPA
  6. Tourist Place
  7. Beach Shacks
  8. Kitchen Room