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3D Max Course Training in Goa Institute

AutoCAD Course Training 2018 in Goa for Students and Proffesionals
 AutoDesk Revit Course Registration Goa
Primavera Course Training Goa IndiaPrimavera is an enterprise project portfolio management software. It includes project management, product management, collaboration and control capabilities, and integrates with other enterprise software such as Oracle and SAP’s ERP systems. Primavera was launched in 1983 by Primavera Systems Inc., which was acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2008.

  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Understanding the Project Contest and Parameters
  • Working and Analyze CPM Networks
  • Working with  PERT Diagrams
  • Enterprise Project Structure (EPS),OBS
  • Working with Activities, Sequencing
  • Relations, Assigning Calendar - Definition,
  • Assigning & Editing 
  • WBC-Work Breakdown Structure 
  • Activity Codes, Scheduling
  • Cost Accounting , Budget Calculation 
  • Bars,Columns , Layouts
  • Working with Resource, Definition
  • Assignment , Resource Calendars
  • Resource Leveling , Resource Curves
  • Groups, Filters, User Defined Data Type
  • Global Change Concept
  • Updating Project, Baseline
  • Tracking of Projects
Stadd Pro Professional Course in GOA is made for CAD Experts you want to excel further. Here are the list of Complete Syllabus , one has to complete to get the certification.
    Staad Pro Course Syllabus Margao, Goa India
  • Creating Models, Structures, Graphical Interface,
  • Steel Designing
  • How to Specify Member Properties
  • How to Specify Material Constants
  • How to Specify Supports
  • How to Specify Loads
  • How to Specify Analysis Type
  • Annotating the Displacements
  • Creating Models of a Reinforced 
  • Concrete Framed Structure
  • Modeling and Analysis of a Slab
  • Interoperability Feature
  • Interactive Design Information 
  • Creating Models Using Graphical Interface 
  • Performing Analysis and Designing 
  • Viewing Results Using the Output File  
  • Viewing Post Post -Processing 
  • Strees Contours 
  • Specifying  Post-Analysis Print Commands
  • Producing on Onscreen Report
  • Viewing Supports Reactions
The Syllabus under the Course of  Diploma In Civil Design is mentioned below. All the Students who complete the Course will get there respective Certificates.


Diploma in Civil Design Syllabus India
  1. Floor Plan Drawing
  2. Elevation Drawing
  3. Section Drawing
  4. Roof Plan
  5. Site Plan
  6. Location Plan 
  7. Schedule Statement
  8. Area Statement
  9. Printing


  1. House Modelling
  2. Applying Materials
  3. Rendering 
  4. Make Images 
  5. Make Videos(Walkhtrough)


    Goa Staad PRO Courses with Diploma Certificate
  1. Slab Design
  2. Beam Design
  3. Column Design
  4. Staircase Design
  5. Footing Design
Listed are the Detail REVIT Training Courses
Revit Architecture Training in GOA India- Overview
- About Building Information Modeling
- The Revit architecture User Interface
- The Design Bar
- Guidelines for using the user Interface
- About Levels 
- Defining Levels
- Guidelines for Creating and Modifying Levels
- Exercise: Create and Modify Levels
- Process of Creating and Modifying Grid Lines
- Guidelines for Creating and Modifying Grids
- Exercise: Create Column Grids
- Creating Walls in a Floor Plan
- About Temporary Dimensions
- About Drawing Aids
- Guidelines for Placing Walls
- About Wall Properties
- Modifying Walls / Joins
- Editing and Preventing Wall Joins
- Guidelines for adding and Modifying Wall
- About Modifying Compound Walls
- Inserting and Modifying Layers
- About Vertically Compound Walls
- Guidelines for Creating vertically compound Wall
- Edit Tools Toolbar
- Guidelines for Using Editing Tools
- Process of Adding and Modifying Door
- Creating a new Door Type
- Guidelines for Working with Doors
- Exercise: Add Doors
- Overview
- Process of Adding and Modifying Windows
- Guidelines for Adding and Modifying Windows
- Exercise: Add Windows to Building Model
- About Component Families
- Adding Components
- About Modifying Components Families
- Creating and Modifying Components Families
- Guidelines for Adding and Modifying Components Families
- Creating and Editing Views
- View Templates
- Guidelines for Working with Views
- Exercise: Explore Views Modify View Properties
- Object Visibility Setting
- Modifying line styles
- About User-Defined Filters
- Guidelines for Controlling Object Visibility
- Exercise: Control Object Visibility
- About Selection Views / Elevation Views
- Guidelines for creating Selection and Elevation Views
- Exercise: Create and Modifying Selection and Elevation Views
- About 3D Views About Cameras
- Create and Modifying Cameras Views
- Guidelines for creating and modifying 3D Views
- Exercise: Creating 3D Perspective and 3D Orthographic Views 
- About Temporary Dimensions
- About Permanent Dimensions
- Guidelines for Working with Dimensions
- Exercise: Work with Dimensions
- About Constraints
- Applying and Removing Constraints
- Guidelines for Applying Constraints
- Exercise: Applying Constraints
- About Floors 
- Modifying Floors
- Guidelines for Creating Modifying Floors
- About Ceilings
- Modifying Ceilings
- Guidelines for Adding Modifying Ceilings
- About Roofs / Modifying Roofs
- Process of sketching Roofs
- Guidelines for Adding Modifying Roofs
- About Curtain Wall
- About curtain Grids and Mullions Creating Curtain Wall and Modifying Curtain Grids
- Guidelines for Creating Curtain Walls, Grids, and Mullions
- Creating Reference Callouts
- Guidelines for Creating Callouts
- About Text about Tags
- Guidelines for Working with Text and Tags
- Exercise: Work With Text and Tags
- About Detail Views / Creating Detail Views
- Process Of saving and Reusing a Detail View
- Guidelines for saving and Reusing a Detail View

- About Drafting Views
- Process Of  Reusing a Drafting View
- Exercise: Create Drafting Views
- Exercise: Import a View and a CAD File
- About Schedules / Schedules Properties
- Exporting Schedule
- Modifying Schedule Files
- Guidelines for Cresting and Modifying Schedule
- Exercise: Create a Door Schedule and a Door Hardware key Schedule
- Exercise: Modify The Appearance  Shed

What is STAAD PRO ? 

STAAD stands for Structural Analysis and Design. STAAD Pro software is used in analyzing and designing commercial and residential buildings, bridges, towers, industrial structures etc. It helps structural engineers reduce their work of manual calculations. It is the world’s most useful structural analysis and design software supporting Indian and international codes.
Staad Pro Latest Design Training Courses in GOA, India
Students at Training Session at
CAD CAM Centre Goa

STAAD Pro was originally developed by Research Engineers International in 1997,In 2005 was later sold to Bentley Systems. It supports several steel, concrete and timber design codes.It can also make use of various forms of dynamic analysis from modal extraction to time history and response spectrum analysis.In recent years it has become part of integrated structural analysis and design.Foundation is also provided for engineers working with STAAD Pro.

How to get Training Course of STADD PRO as an Student in Goa, India ?

At CAD CAM CENTRE, MARGAO, GOA one can Learn and Practice STAAD PRO effectively , once joining the Course. You can Register Free by Submitting the Online Form Here. 

Design codes in STADD PRO

Staad Pro Design Consultancy, India

STAAD Indian design codes:-

*Concrete Design per IS 456
*Concrete Design per IS 13920
*Steel Design per IS 800 – 1984
*Steel Design per IS 800 – 2007
*Steel Design per IS 802 – 1995
*Design per Indian Cold Formed Steel Code 801 – 1975

STAAD American Steel Design codes:-

*Steel Design per AASHTO Specifications ASD and LRFDAmerican Aluminum Code based on ASD 1994 Sixth Edition (October, 1994).
Design Code Steel Design per ASCE 10 -97
*Steel Design per American Petroleum Institute Code - based on the API 2A-WSDstandard, 21st Edition.
*ANSI/AISC N690-1994 Code – needs the STAAD Nuclear Design Codes.
SELECT Code Pack.
*ANSI/AISC N690-1984 Code
Staad Pro Design 3 *ASME NF 3000 - 1974 & 1977
* CodesASME NF 3000 - 1989
* CodeASME NF 3000 - 1998
* CodeASME NF 3000 - 2001
* 2004 Codes requires Nuclear Design Codes pack

STAAD British design codes:-

*BS 5950-1:2000 (steel)
*BS 5950– 5:1998 (cold formed steel)
*BS 8110-1:1997 (concrete)
*BS 5400- 3:1982 (steel, concrete and composite bridges with amendment # 4051and 6488)
*BS 8700- 1997 (concrete structures forretaining aqueous liquids)
3Ds Max from Autodesk is another popular one under the category of interior designing. Used by interior design students as well as professional interior designers, Autodesk 3Ds Max provides excellent tools for animating, rendering, simulating and visualizing interiors. Though the software is pretty easy to begin with and getting used to, it includes a ton of functionalities and also offers flexible plug in architecture to support many third party applications. 3Ds Max is used by architects, designers, civil engineers, and visualization specialists to validate and sell designs before they are built, and get rapid iteration of designs, accurate daylight analysis, and high-impact visuals and animations.

Interior Design With 3D Max - AutoCAD Training Required
Interior Design With 3D Max - AutoCAD Training Required

With Autodesk 3Ds Max, you can almost do anything, from creating realistic interior designs to animations. This tool can give you the essential edge in your design. That is why it is advisable to learn and master this 3D application, it will insure to have the best presentation you could have.
3DMax is designed for production 3D work, mostly found in animation, film, and broadcast media, where visual fidelity is paramount. Interior designers always work for individual clients, and each project is different, so speed and ease of use are far more important than broadcast quality animation. 

Interior design is a multi–faceted profession that follows a systematic and coordinated methodology, which includes research, analysis, and integration of knowledge into the creative process. Interior designing has come a long way. From the simple pen and paper used in creating designs, technology advancement has indeed created a major change in this profession. With Autodesk 3Ds Max, you can almost do anything, from creating realistic interior designs to animations and yes this software can give you the essential edge in your design. So if you wish to design\model contemporary and marvelous interiors\exteriors, suggest you need to familiarize yourself with tools provided by Autodesk.
Students are eligible for downloading a FREE 36 month student version of AutoCAD for use and practice. 

The Autodesk Student Version software incorporates all the functionality of AutoCAD professional licenses, but includes a print banner making the software inappropriate for professional-looking, commercial, or for-profit purposes. Autodesk Student Version software may not be used for commercial or for-profit purposes. Thirty-six month licenses of Autodesk student software are not eligible for product upgrade or transfer to a commercial license.

As per the AutoDesk guidelines mentioned in the official website on Students Download :

Free Autodesk software and/or cloud-based services are subject to acceptance of and compliance with the terms and conditions of the software license agreement or terms of service that accompany such software or cloud-based services.  Software and cloud-based services subject to an Educational license may be used solely for Educational Purposes.
Most AutoCAD training institutes in India give training on   AutoCAD Essential, which is intermediate software for all its products.
AutoCAD Essential Course Training institute in Goa

AutoCAD Essential Course also have default blocks which can be used by mechanical, civil, electrical and architectural designers stored under design centre .Most companies also use this software as it can be easily handled by any CAD operator. 

You can Join the AutoCAD Course to Learn from one of the best Institute in Goa by Registering Online here .

By learning this AutoCAD Essential software student can handle all other products of AutoCAD with sufficient basic knowledge.
AutoCAD is a paradigm shift to the traditional manual drafting software for enabling a lucid visual presentation of the idea in 2D and 3D format for all its users. AutoCAD is the most ubiquitous CAD program, which is being used in today's world.
To Know More about all the Training Courses / Products from AutoCAD Click here.
One can Also Download the AutoCAD Students Version free On-line to Learn and Practice AutoCAD.
There is wide range of AutoCAD products available in market developed by Autodesk.  

The Following List of AutoCAD courses are given below.
  1. AutoCAD
  2. AutoCAD 360
  3. AutoCAD Architecture
  4. AutoCAD Civil 3D
  5. AutoCAD Design Suite 
  6. AutoCAD Electrical
  7. AutoCAD for Mac
  8. AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite
  9. AutoCAD LT for Mac
  10. AutoCAD Map 3D
  11. AutoCAD Mechanical
  12. AutoCAD MEP
  13. AutoCAD OEM
  14. AutoCAD P&ID
  15. AutoCAD Plant 3D
  16. AutoCAD Raster Design
  17. AutoCAD Revit LT Suite
  18. AutoCAD Utility Design
  19. AutoCAD WS (now AutoCAD 360)

The AutoCAD Courses on the list of Products, above are specifically made for respective subjects. To get an good idea on the AutoCAD Courses , One has to start and get basic workaround with the AutoCAD Essential Course. This is the Course which highlights features out of all the AutoCAD courses type and gives a Students fundamentals of All AutoCAD Courses they can master upon.

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